Spring 2022 – week 2-One Room Challenge

It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge  and we have made a dent in the reno! This is the point in the renovation that does not have much for pretty updates, but I get to share some real life reno progress!

We kicked off the challenge this round by receiving our new cabinets. They aren’t even unpacked yet and I am beyond thrilled to have them. I may just breakdown and unbox one early just so I can see the beautiful colour I picked them in!

Next up we prepped the old cabinets for tear out by removing the doors and drawers in advance. We had family friends reusing the cabinets so it was a great first step to make uninstalling the cabinets easier for the reno crew and transporting them easier for the friends taking them.

Prior to starting tear out, the reno crew protected our new flooring and put up poly sheets to keep the dust contained. Both of which I highly recommend and were very much appreciated! Next, the crew very carefully removed all the old cabinets for their new home.

Once all the cabinets and stone were out, they removed the backsplash by cutting out the drywall. We had a couple areas that needed new drywall anyways and it’s sure a fast way to get rid of tile!

Electrical and plumbing were next. A couple outlets needed to be moved and the range is moving over to center on the wall. The fridge is also moving from the range wall to the far left on the window wall. I’m excited to have the range on the wall solo with a large range hood and sconces!

Next drywall started going back up! You can see from my photo I started to map out sconces and range hood in painters tape. I’m all for visualizing and setting up the trades for success with a clear plan.

This coming week will include finishing drywall, replacing a couple floor boards, painting, and any remaining odds and ends to prep for cabinet install!

Don’t forget to check back in with all the other One Room Challenge participants here to see their progress this week.

Until next week!

1 thought on “Spring 2022 – week 2-One Room Challenge

  1. Excited to see the new cabinets.


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