Wall Mural Reveal with Peel & Stick Wallpaper

I can’t believe it’s coming up to one month in our new home! We still have boxes to unpack and some settling in to do, but we are enjoying it surrounded by all the chaos. When deciding where to start with my first DIY, I knew I wanted my very first project to be in Emma’s room. I wanted her to feel at home in her new room and feel it was special just for her.

I knew to try Anewall mural wallpaper for Emma’s room. I have always adored Anewall’s patterns, and this was the perfect opportunity to try their product. I wanted to try a non permanent wallpaper option, so I ordered their large scale mural called “Scarlett” in peel and stick.

Here are my tips for a smooth install of peel and stick wallpaper:

1. Layout all the panels on the floor in the correct order. Reference the original photo of the design to ensure you have each piece in the right place.

2. Peel off the top couple inches of the backing to expose the sticky back. Use this portion to line up your panel and ensure it is straight and level at the top of the wall.

3. Go slow and flatten/ smooth as you peel off the backing. Try using your hands to smooth out bubbles ( you could also a credit card!).

4. Try to not stretch or pull too hard on the wallpaper. This will stretch out the material and make it harder to line up pattern correctly as you add more panels.

5. Have fun! At the end of the day try and enjoy the process and not take it too seriously! It’s a fun project so don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

Here’s the final look! Since I had two windows to cut out for I saved those extra flowers. I then added them to the wall on the left and had the mural creep onto the adjoining wall. It was a last minute decision to add the extra flowers, but I’m loving the outcome!

Alright which room should I wallpaper next ? A bathroom, the playroom, or my office? Vote in comments so I can plan for the first project of 2022!

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