The Perfect Addition To any Playroom, Plus Black Friday VIP sale !

We are in our new house and surrounded by boxes currently. I wanted to tackle and unpack the playroom as the first room. Moving with kids is chaotic to say the least and I wanted to make sure Emma and Lily had a space set up that was their own. The playroom has many more additions and details to come, but for the first week at our new home it’s set up for play!

The entire time we were packing at the old house Emma would ask if we were bringing specific items with us when we moved. She asked if her fire station, market stand, and car garage was coming with us to the new house. Poor thing was so worried that moving meant we were leaving her toys! I assured her everything, including all her toys were coming with us.

I can’t wait to add more art, diy wall mouldings, and a built in bench to the playroom. For now, we are enjoying the space with all our favourite toys from Coco Village . One of Emma’s favourite pieces from Coco Village is the Garage Park . Emma has spent countless hours playing with this wooden toy! I love that it is beautiful to look at and fun for everyone to play with. I highly recommend Coco Village toys and right now you can sign up for exclusive VIP access to the Black Friday sale ! US Black Friday VIP and Canada Black Friday VIP

My one tip for the perfect playroom would be invest in wooden toys. These toys get tons of mileage and I know I can pass them down to Lily when she’s ready to play with them. I’m even already planning to pass them along to my grandchildren one day!

I’ve also decided what new wooden toys we’ll be adding under the Christmas tree this year. I’m so excited to be adding the Wooden Doll House to our collection! This is a new piece from Coco Village , and I am pretty ecstatic to start decorating this doll house! Check in with us on Christmas Day to watch the girls open up this doll house with Accessories !

I’ll be decking out the play room and starting new DIYs in the new year, so don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and on TikTok to see everything happening in 2022!

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