One Room Challenge- week 3

Week 3 of the spring one room challenge is here! This past week I ripped out laminate counter top and ugly wire shelving. It felt good to clear things out and have a fresh start! But I’m most excited about the green paint colour options I picked up! If you’ve followed me for a bit you know I keep things pretty neutral, so going with a green is going outside my comfort zone.

The two green options I picked to give a try are Benjamin Moore “Backwoods” and Sherwin Williams “Woodlands Lichen”. BM Backwoods is a true forest green while SW Woodlands Lichen is a softer grey/green. After I put some samples on the wall I figured why not try a custom mix too? So I mixed 50% Backwoods and 50% Woodlands Lichen together as well. I honestly cannot decide which one I like the most! I’m definitely going to need your help deciding.

From left to right: Backwoods, Woodlands Lichen, and custom mix

Alright it’s time to vote, drop your favorite colour in the comments!

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Make sure to head back to One Room Challenge Blogs to catch up on all the other amazing designers and partictpants.

Until next week,

Sarah Honour

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