Spring One Room Challenge- week 1

It’s finally here!! THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE- spring addition!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This round I will be giving our Laundry room some love. It’s one of those rooms I’ve ignored for two years! So it’s time I brought some diy drama and fun to the laundry room.

I have a couple projects I will be tackling in this space. I’ll be creating a board and batten detail, installing open shelving, and creating a hand drawn pattern on the wall!

I’ve always wanted to try a hand drawn sharpie wall but have chickened out EVER TIME! So this is it, I’m doing it! I’ve spent the week gathering my favourite inspiration off Instagram for hand drawn walls. Here are a couple of spaces that I am using as my jumping off point for design for my own.

Photo/ content LivingaWilderLife

Lacy blew me away with her giant floral mural in her office. Taking notes from her project on creating the perfect balance of flowers and foliage in my own design.

Photo/ content MyGrandParentsChair

Tamara spent hours creating this hand drawn wave pattern in her nursery! I absolutely love the movement of this pattern and how organic it is.

Photo/content TheFoxFamilyDen

Elise brought the perfect amount of drama to this wall! I love the pattern she picked and I am brainstorming how to create something like this for my own room.

Photo/content HambHome

Hannah blew me away by this detailed floral design! The entire design was freehand! She painstakingly drew every line on each petal, truly amazing.

Photo /credit SpaceForDreaming

Shannon always stops me scrolling with this wall! Her take on floral in her own laundry room is stunning.

It’s truly exceptional how much amazing inspiration is out there to draw from. Hope you all will join me as I embark on my own sharpie wall journey and diy our laundry room.

Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing rooms at One Room Challenge

Until next week, Sarah at My West Coast Life

2 thoughts on “Spring One Room Challenge- week 1

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how your laundry room turns out!


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