One Room Challenge – week 4 –

Here we are at week 4 of the One Room Challenge! I was just reviewing my “hope to accomplish” list I wrote on Week 3 to get done by today ( spoiler alert, I didn’t get it all done!). I decided to switch gears and focus on painting this past week and completely ignore everything else. I was getting really excited about doing the scallop edge and just wanted to get the walls prepped!

Incase you missed my inspo for the wall treatment, this is it below:

What got done this past week:

– painting prep ( cleanings all’s and taping off)

– top portion of wall painted with 2 coats of white paint

– lower portion of wall painted with two coats of black paint

What to get done this coming week:

– remove painters tape

– draw out scallop border

– spray paint light fixture

– prep wood shelves

Beyond excited to show you all the progress on the space coming next week and then the final reveal on week 6 !

Stop in next Thursday to see how the scollop border is coming along ( hopefully amazing!?)

Don’t forget to see all the other talented people participating in the One Room Challenge .

Also make sure to pop over to INSTAGRAM to keep update on behind the scenes progress!

Until next week,

Sarah at My West Coast Life

2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – week 4 –

  1. You are crushing it!!!! This space is looking so good. I can’t wait to see the scalloped edge!!!!!!


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