One Room Challenge – week 3 –

Wow, okay how are we at week 3 already?! (Insert hands over face emoji here)

You can read about Week 1 HERE and Week 2 HERE incase you missed it!

I had big plans for this past week! Which included to start painting the walls and DIY my clearance light fixture. Both of those things did not happen, lol.

What did happen?! A couple things!

– finished up details of DIY shower curtain

– hung new black shower rod

– removed old light fixture from room

– started taping off room for painting

– emptied garage to get ready for spray paint project

What’s going to happen this week ( hopefully!) ?

– finish painting prep

-get upper portion of wall painted with two coats

– DIY light fixture and install

– prep wood shelving for room

Wanna follow along on the progress during the week? Then join me on INSTAGRAM !!

Until next week on the One Room Challenge ,

Sarah at My West Coast Life

2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – week 3 –

  1. Nice work! Fellow guest participant here.

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