One Room Challenge – week 1 –

It’s here!!! The fall One Room Challenge!! This is my first time participating and I am a mix of excited, eager, and petrified. The room I’ll be working on over the next couple weeks is our main bathroom. The room itself is fine but very bland! Here’s what it looks like now…

The plan is to add some interest with paint and add in lots of texture & depth.

My current favourite go to soft black paint colour is Volcanic Rocks by Sico. You’ll be seeing a fun use with that colour on these bathroom walls. So make sure to check back for that!

Here’s my mood board for the space…

Key items :

• new light fixture with a vintage feel

• shower curtain with detail

• Turkish bath towels

• black & white paint

• black bath accessories

• wood elements with shelving

• picture ledge with assorted frames

• white & black tasseled rug

• wicker basket for storage

Can’t wait to share the progress with you all over the next 5 weeks! Make sure to check back each Thursday for progress updates!

One Room Challenge

Until next week,


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