First Birthday Celebration

Our little Emma turned one ( insert crying emoji here). On Emma’s real birthday we had family out of the country so we knew we would be celebrating it later. So, almost one month late we thought we should throw a party. We decided on the Wednesday that we would have the party on the Sunday. This didn’t leave a lot time to buy, order, or plan! So here are my tips for throwing an impressive party fast and cheap!

Tip #1

Do a Round up.

First thing is to assess what you already have you can use. You’ll be surprised what you might find! I opted to use real dishes and platters over paper plates since we had so many great pieces at home, plus it saved money!

Tip #2

Pinterest it up for inspo!

I found so much great inspiration on Pinterest. Check out my board “celebration” for what inspired Emma’s party look. Pinterest

Tip #3

Pick a colour theme.

Picking three core colours will help you narrow done what to buy. I knew I wanted to keep it simple and to work with our home decor. I picked gold, white, and greenery, with just a touch of black & wood.

Tip #4

Buy it online.

What did we do before amazon 2 day shipping?! I ordered what I needed Wednesday night and it all arrived Friday afternoon. Here are the direct links for what I used in our decor.

Gold Glitter Cake Topper

Gold Plastic Cutlery

White & Gold Confetti Ballon Garland

Gold Paper Straws

Tip #5

Mix it up with the food.

To keep it cost effective & fast do a mix of store bought and home made food. I made the pinwheel wraps myself as well as the adorable mini veggie dip containers, the rest was store bought!

Tip #6

Use greenery for decoration.

It’s cost effective, impactful, and gorgeous! Honestly it is my number one tip for decorating your home anytime!

Tip #7

Create a signature drink.

It can get stressful at a party trying to host and keep the beverages full! We served wine & beer which was easily accessible for people to top themselves up. As a signature drink we offered a mojito. To make things even easier on yourself you can create a pitcher of your signature drink so people can top themselves up!

Tip #8

Ask for help.

This can be hard for some us ( especially those of us that are overachievers) My mom offered right away to make a cake and I was so relieved! One less thing to do! Also my parents kindly brought over an air compressor and helped blowup and assemble the ballon garland.

Tip #9

DIY it!

It’s amazing what you can create! I couldn’t find a gold crown I loved for Emma so I got crafty! I used brown paper, scissors, glue, gold paint, and gold flakes. Done in 5 mins! I also created Emma’s “one” banner and boho wall hanging ( tutorial to come!)

Tip #10

Enjoy yourself.

Seems simple, but it can be hard! The whole point of a party is to enjoy it and spend time with family and friends. The company is what matters the most!

Thankyou for stopping by!

Can’t wait till we meet again,

Sarah, My West Coast Life

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